Ludo Ancient is a turn-based, Fantasy, Realtime Strategy, and dice-based board video game, inspired by Sangam landscapes. 

  1. Kurinji —Mountainous Region
  2. Mullai —Forests 
  3. Marutham —Cropland
  4. Neithal —Seashore
  5. Paalai —Dry Lands.

In the Fantasy world of Gurulogam, the continent of eyenilam is home to different clans and races. Gurulogam is protected by ancestral deities, heroes, and dragons, and Fighting among the races and clans are strictly restricted to battle only on sathurangam. 
As an aspiring clan leader,  The responsibility of uniting all the clans and races to create a unified, prosperous, and synergetic eyenilam continent rest upon your shoulders.


Ludo Ancient is based on a traditional board game from the south Indian state of Tamilnadu. It has well-developed and balanced gameplay rules that evolved at least over a century for the amusement and entertainment of the local countryfolks.

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